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Our goal for 2017 Tax season was to serve 1,286 clients! We actually served 1,415!!!! Way to go Tax Volunteers! We were number 2 in the state of Ohio and had the #1 counselor for Ohio. Congrats Deb Lovenshimer and all of our wonderful volunteers.

Were you one of our record number clients? We would love to have you backin 2018. Call starting December 1st to make that appointment.


What are they?

The Free Tax Preparation clinics are just what they seem. Volunteer counselors assist clients in e-filing their state and federal taxes, completely free of charge. Clinics begin in late January and end at the end of March.  Clients are pre-screened and set up with an appointment.


Looking for a rewarding service project this winter? Our Tax Volunteers provide big returns!

  • This tax season, join us to help others:
  • Avoid paying high preparation fees.
  • Steer clear of refund anticipation loans.
  • Claim the Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Keep more money in their pockets.

You don't have to be a CPA to crunch these numbers! Volunteers will get free training through the Ohio Benefit Bank. The OBB and the United Way also offer support via phone and email throughout the tax season.

Volunteers are not held liable for a client's tax return. The accuracy of the information is the client's responsibility. Volunteers help the client complete the return and they do not sign tax forms.


There are 3 ways to help:

  1. Be a Tax Counselor: As a counselor, you will work one-on-one with clients to help them prepare their returns. The Ohio Benefit Bank provides a computer program to guide you through the process, and United Way makes the appointments.
  2. Be a Greeter: Volunteer greeters greet clients as they arrive at the tax clinic. As a Greeter, you'll also make sure the client has the necessary documentation before they begin with a Tax Counselor.
  3. Host a Clinic: You'll need a location with at least 2 computers, high-speed Internet access, printer and paper, and a phone line or cell phone. Sites should be available 3 hours per week in February and March.


For more information on volunteering or hosting a clinic, contact:

Becky Clawson

Community Impact Director

(740) 454-6872