Community Impact Spotlight

Dear United Way, 

I Just wanted to say thank you to the United way of MPM for supporting

the Carr Center and awarding them with a scholarship that we have

been able to recieve. Our daughter Olivia is 4 years old and is beyond

excited to attend the toddler enrichement program. Both of her older

brothers have been through the program for speech services and

we can't say enough about the Carr Center and how they have 

helped our kids. The one on one speech therapy they are able to 

obtain in the toddler enrichment program is amazing and really

makes a difference. The kids get to learn in a friendly, encouraging

atmosphere that not only teaches speech, but enriches their

entire development. The whole staff at the Carr Center is amazing 

and we couldn't ask for a better opportunity for Olivia to learn 

and develop her speech! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!




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